ACTION: Send a letter to Ministers – Trinidadian workers need government support benefits now!

As reported by the Toronto Star today, right now, hundreds of migrant farm workers from Trinidad and Tobago are stranded in Canada.

Their contracts have now come to an end as their services are no longer needed in winter. These workers are unable to go back home to their families because of travel restrictions by their sending country. They are stuck here in the Canadian cold with no form of income support and no assistance of any kind from the Trudeau government. These workers are being forced to spend precious holiday time far away from their families, with no income, no shelter, no winter clothing.

Please join us in calling on Ministers to take action NOW.

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3 thoughts on “ACTION: Send a letter to Ministers – Trinidadian workers need government support benefits now!

  1. Thought the consulate for Trinidad and Tobago would care about the wellbeing of their citizens. It is so sad to know that these workers left their families, risk their health and lives, came here to help put food on our tables with no respect shown to them. Migrant workers should be unionized, they need solid representation. Pressure should also be placed on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Shame on Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Why does the government of Canada not give the farm workers more benefits and protections? Because they do not care about workers, unless they need them to vote for them in an election. These workers cannot vote and are powerless so the Government could care less. This type of indifference towards migrant farm workers is criminal and soils our international reputation for fairness. The corporate agenda comes first. People like migrant farm workers and indigenous peoples among others are put at the back of the line.I sincerely hope that my MP Matthew Green raises hell on this issue

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