Join us in #puttingraceonthetable

Over the past few months, more and more people have been engaging in conversations about how racism and colonialism are embedded in our country’s policies and institutions. Join Justice for Migrant Workers as we extend the threads of this conversation to Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. 

The SAWP is a prime example of state-sanctioned exploitation of and violence against Indigenous, Black, and Brown bodies, disguised as “progressive” immigration policy. It’s time to call out the Canadian government.

We need to talk about why so few Canadians know who grows their food. We need to talk about the deplorable housing conditions migrant workers live in on-farm; about why they fear speaking up about unsafe workplaces; and, why they are forced to continue working for abusive employers. We need to talk about why almost all of those workers are Black and Brown. 

Help us raise awareness about the SAWP’s racist and colonial roots. How you can be a part of our #puttingraceonthetable social media campaign:

  1. Download one of these four Justice for Migrant Workers graphic packets (1 folder = 1 packet).
  2. Take a photo of food – any food works (your plate, a shelf at the grocery store, a veggie garden, etc.).
  3. Share your food pic paired with the Justice for Migrant Workers graphic packet in a photo set using #puttingraceonthetable in your caption.
  4. Tag us in your post – @harvestingfreedom on Instagram, @J4MW on Twitter.

Here’s an example of what that should look like:

Your participation in this campaign will help us get the conversation started. It will also help us get folks to register for our upcoming Digital Day of Action on September 7th. If you haven’t already signed up, put your name down at the link here to join us for a facilitated hour of putting pressure on the government for migrant worker rights.

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