Honour Farm Workers today: Take part in the Pigeon Pages: Community Colouring Project

Today we’re excited to share, Pigeon Pages: A Community Colouring Project. This colouring book honours the hard work of essential farm workers during this pandemic.

Click here for a pdf version of the colouring book.

While it’s free for everyone, all proceeds from optional donations go to Justice for Migrant Workers. Send an e-transfer to: thankyoupigeons@gmail.com

J4MW thanks the amazing artist Emmie Tsumura for this dynamic project!


What you will need: Printer, paper, pens, markers, crayons, glue or tape, and scissors
  1. Print the pdf from here
  2. Read the last page (page 11) for instructions
  3. You will need either pencils, markers, crayons, or paint to colour the pigeons
  4. On pages 9 and 10 you will see bubbles to write in. Sample messages include “If you ate today thank a migrant worker, farm workers feed cities, Justice for migrant workers, support migrant workers, Fairness for farm workers, hazard pay for farm workers, Status now! etc
  5. After you write your messages cut the message bubbles and glue or tape it next to a pigeon.
  6. If you would like take a picture with your pigeons and share it on social media. (Please tag @j4mw). Feel free to use the hashtags: #harvestingfreedom #farmworkers #migrantworkers #workingclassheroes
  7. You can e-mail pictures to harvestingfreedomcampaign@gmail.com


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