Show solidarity with Leon! Seeking donations for an injured migrant worker

Migrant worker Leon Ferguson at a rally in Ottawa as part of J4MW's Harvesting Freedom caravan.

Migrant worker Leon Ferguson at a rally in Ottawa in 2016 as part of J4MW’s Harvesting Freedom caravan.

We are writing with an urgent financial appeal to cover the costs of a MRI for an injured migrant farm worker from Jamaica. We are seeking to raise $1500. All monies donated will be used to cover the costs of the MRI and travel to medical appointments.

Leon Ferguson, a 38-year-old from Jamaica, arrived in Canada in 2015 under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. This was his first time working in Canada, and he hoped to earn money to build a life for himself back in Jamaica. However, he quickly realized that life as a farm worker in Canada was not what he had bargained for.

A farm workplace accident left Leon nearly paralyzed. He spent six weeks in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, Leon still needed additional medical appointments to determine the full severity of his injuries. While Leon was recovering and attending medically necessary appointments in Canada, Leon‘s employer booked a ticket for him to return to Jamaica. Resisting this medical repatriation, Leon remained in Canada to seek justice and heal from his workplace injuries.

Leon has faced multiple roadblocks. Although migrant workers are theoretically entitled to health care, health care is tied to a migrant worker’s employment status. Once a job permit ends, a worker loses their access to healthcare even if they are ill or injured. During this ordeal, Leon has been supported by the Leamington and Windsor community, including his church.

We are asking you to help cover the costs of the MRI and travel to Leon‘s medical appointments. You can donate in one of the following ways:


Send a cheque to the following address. Please specify in writing that the donation is for Leon Ferguson’s MRI:

Justicia for Migrant Workers
720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9


  1. Click “Donate”:
  2. Click “special instructions to seller”
  3. Write “MRI” so that we know it’s for Leon.

Political advocacy

To help generate political change, please contact your provincial MPP (here) and federal MP (here) by email, phone, or Twitter. Please explain to them that you are standing in solidarity with migrant workers like Leon, and ask them to end the injustice of denying migrant workers equal access to health care.

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