Who We Are

Justicia for Migrant Workers

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Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is a volunteer-run political collective comprised of people from diverse walks of life (including migrant workers, labour organizers, educators, researchers, students and racialized youth) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are engaged in this work alongside our personal commitments and numerous social justice struggles.

J4MW strives to promote the rights of migrant farm workers (participating in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, the Low Skilled Workers Program and other programs) and farm workers without status. Promoting workers’ rights entails creating for spaces where workers themselves can organize and voice their concerns without losing their work or being repatriated. The collective starts with workers’ knowledge and concerns and fight for change collectively, basing our work on fighting racism, sexism and capitalism. We see ourselves as a movement of workers and allies and strive to support organizing that is led and directed by workers in the fields, farms and greenhouses.

Our work is and has to be transnational in scope. It considers the context of stolen native land here and in “sending countries”, Canada’s complicity in benefitting and creating poverty in the Global South, and most importantly we consider families left behind, primarily children and women who are very much a part of migration but who are always forgotten in the equation of migrant farm labour. We work in solidarity and respect for the original peoples of the continent, including First Nations peoples and struggles here.

J4MW collective is motivated by experiences shared and lessons learned from migrant farm workers over the course of more than 15 years of community outreach in rural Ontario. As allies, migrants, farm workers, organizers, and friends we believe migrant workers deserve work with dignity and respect!